Art is a tapestry of chaos — splattered canvases and the intricate dance of ideas.

While an art degree isn’t a prerequisite for expressing deep meaning through art, opting for higher arts education unfolds a realm of benefits that can propel your art career to new heights.

Approaching art education is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. The pivotal factor lies in finding a school whose program resonates with your unique interests and talents. The synergy between student and college defines the success of both the college experience and the ensuing career.

Investing time in researching programs, visiting schools and making an informed decision is paramount. This decision shapes not only your academic journey, but also lays the foundation for your future in the art world.


  1. ACCESS TO STATE-OF-THE-ART EQUIPMENT. Art school is a place to explore different mediums and tools to develop art.
  2. ACCESS TO STUDIO SPACE. Studio space doesn’t often come cheap. While in art school, you will have access to well-designed and equipped space in which to unleash your creativity.
  3. ACCESS TO EXPERTS. Classes in art school are taught by professionals who are experts in their fields and who are ready and willing to put their years of experience to work in guiding you.
  4. ACCESS TO A COMMUNITY OF FELLOW ARTISTS. Artists often inspire and motivate other artists. In art school, you have access to a whole community of artists learning together and inspiring each other with a wide variety of artistic mediums and approaches.
  5. ACCESS TO NETWORKING/PROMOTING OPPORTUNITIES. Art schools offer chances to exhibit your work for the public, building a name for yourself before you even graduate.
  6. ACCESS TO INTERNSHIPS AND MENTORSHIPS. Professional artists and art organizations tend to reach out to art schools first when seeking interns and assistants. Many schools even have programs to help students find positions that will be just right for them.