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The College Applications Begin... with Scholarships and Letters!
Nikki right before her senior pictures!

Hello, MyMajors viewers!

I hope everyone has gotten a heap load of acceptance letters, because that’s what I’ll be talking about. So far (I’m still waiting), I’ve gotten nine acceptances (and two waitlists)… they are as follows:
• San Jose State University
• San Francisco State University
• CSU Long Beach
• Arizona State University
• Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
• University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
• UC Riverside
• University of Oregon
• DePaul University

Most of these were my safeties, so I wasn’t thoroughly excited about the acceptances. As of right now, I’m considering Cal Poly SLO and DePaul University. I really wanted to go out of state and DePaul’s perfect for what I want to do (Chicago is a great location to dig up internships)! In a way, it has become my dream school. Plus, I’m not too worried about the price because of my scholarship 🙂 In the end, undergraduate school isn’t hugely important for me because law school admissions are strongly based on grades and LSAT scores.

As for the waitlists, they’re both from good schools (one of which I REALLY did not want to attend, but my folks made me so you can imagine how my essay sounded…hehe) but I’m not going to be on my knees begging to get in.

I was waitlisted by UC Davis, and I have to say I was surprised. Many people who seemed overly-qualified were rejected, whereas others that hit below the average were admitted. I noticed this for a lot of schools, not just those within the UC system. For any of those distraught or confused with their admission decision, don’t fret. Colleges have a strange way of picking students, and you really can’t tell where you will get in. One of my safeties rejected me (UC Santa Cruz), so that just goes to show that these decisions do not reflect your abilities as a student. You might not fit the student profile this college has in mind, and that’s completely okay! You’ll go to the university that was meant for YOU. If you really aren’t content with your options, there is always the transfer route via community college. Know that your life isn’t “over,” and you’ll be in the place you want to be as long as you work hard. I understand that it feels as if 4 years were wasted in the effort to get accepted by Dream University. But if you remember your worth and smile at the colleges that DID accept you, it’ll all turn out fine. Even though most of my safeties accepted me, I’m still happy about Cal Poly, DePaul, and UIUC, too! They are great schools (check out the alumni!) so I know I’ll succeed (and even if I suck at life, I know my family and family friends literally have my back). Seriously, take a look at the list of alumni from the schools that accepted you. I’m sure there are several famous, successful people! And what does that tell you? It’s not the university that makes you, but you that makes the university. Make the school you matriculate at MORE prestigious because of what you do later in life. Inspire future high school students to check out your alma mater because YOU went there! You don’t need a pricey and pretentious university to make you a successful person. Sure, it can help open doors for you, but it won’t run the rest of the race! Remember that, and you’ll do well no matter where you attend.

To those that were accepted by their dream/matches, congratulations! I wish you the best of luck in your academic endeavors.

And enjoy the rest of your senior year, lovelies! High school is nearly OVER!

All the best,


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