Update from Zoey

Lately, a series of interesting events have occurred:

  • My mom had a baby :O!
  • Neither of us have jobs anymore -_____________-
  • I had my 3 month-a-versary!! 😀
  • And lastly J I have started up my very own business

I know I’ve been out of touch for a while (a long while) but I had no internet for a while.

And by the time I got back to cyberspace, I had over 300 emails! :0000000!!!

So after I sifted through my emails and realized how much MyMajors missed me, I started writing this straight away.

I may have already mentioned this, but, I am no longer employed. So after I got over a small bout of sadness over that I began to start up a new hobby J I began to bake and give away dog treats. And every dog I met loved them. So, I started thinking… and after a bit of brainstorming it hit me: “Start your own dog bakery!”

And I did! Well, only after I surveyed people, found that there was actually a NEED for a dog bakery, and asked for my grandparents’ investment.
So now, with my grandparents as my business partners, I own a small local business called “Baxter’s Bakery” that serves the Atascocita and Humble area. I’m extremely excited about this and I hope to prosper. So wish me luck readers!  ‘Cause right now I gotta go bake some doggie treats 😛


I’ve decided to be REAL recently, to stop pretending and to just be myself (craziness and all). So I have no idea who this new person that I am letting myself be is. And in order to write a Bio you must actually know yourself. So mayyyybe in a year this little Bio can be rewritten with the 100% honest truth. I am looking forward to discovering who I am and I hope many of you come along for this bumpy ride to discover it with me

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