Headed to McGill University Soon

Well guys, headed up to Montreal soon.

I’ve already met some other wonderful people going to McGill on Facebook (thank goodness for Facebook! .. even if they are a bit unpredictable with my personal information), which is really encouraging.  The only big thing I’m worried about with going off to college for the first time, well, you know, other than having everything ready as far as being signed up for classes and enjoying school, is how I’m going to manage keep writing for Universal YellowKeys.  It’s a time investment, but there’s no better way for me to start off the morning these days than by checking my email and finding a thank you note from an appreciative artist or a request to have something featured.  Love through music is awesome.

Thinking of which, someone told me today their favorite indie band is Arcade Fire, who I don’t consider ‘indie’… I’m embarrassed to say an argument followed… involving numerous people.  And before I start about this, let me say that they’re right, and I told them that at the beginning.  That is, if you let the majority decide what is right.  True, Arcade Fire comes from indie roots.  There are still truly indie artists still do music and art in a do-it-yourself style, without being affiliated with any record labels.  And now we’re losing that notion in a way.  It’s all in language, happens all the time.

I was wondering how we combat that though.  Indie artists rely somewhat on the ‘indie’ identification to be considered altogether apart from the mainstream.

It makes people want to find them, right?  I mean, you feel special for finding them (or I do), and they feel special for being found; they feel more pride for being loved.

So what do we do, guys?!


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