What To Do If You Forgot
Something On Your Application

So you finally finished your college applications! Time to turn up Netflix and pull up the covers. But then, it happens. You’re in the middle of an episode of Orange Is the New Black when suddenly you realize that you left out that award you won last year! You start realizing how important that award is for your application. It really draws a great picture of you which college admissions officers should totally see! Sadly, many awesome accomplishments like this are lost because of mistakes like this.


What most people don’t know is that


By shooting a quick email to your admissions counselor at each school, you can add information to your application that you feel is important. It’s called an addendum and it won’t be frowned upon. Actually, it’ll look impressive! Doing this shows that you care about the college admissions process and want to put your best foot forward. Anything from your membership in a club to an internship with an awesome magazine like MyMajors can be in an addendum if you forgot it on your application.

Flickr - Francisco Osorio
Flickr – Francisco Osorio


Here are 4 quick tips to writing an addendum to college admissions officers:

  1. Customize each email. DON’T say “I recently applied to your school.” DO say ”I recently applied to Saint Joseph’s University.” Doing this adds a more personal touch to your addendum.
  2. Start off by stating that you recently applied. Right off the bat, they know that you have a serious interest in their school.
  3. Be respectful in your email! They are deciding whether you are admitted or not!
  4. Don’t be redundant. If it WAS in your application, it doesn’t belong in an addendum.


As a final thought, you should always try to stand out to an admissions officer. If they remember you as a person, not a number, it will be harder for them to deny you admission!

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