How to Pick a College (Video)

Picking a college proved to be a very tricky process for me, but I broke it down into some easy steps that I outlined in the video below. The easiest way to guide yourself through is to ask yourself questions. I created a questionnaire to help you if you don’t know exactly what to ask.

Some more tips on picking a college:

  1. Pick up a literary magazine or newspaper from each school you visit—most colleges have a number of publications on a variety of subjects from comedy to horror to science to history and more!
  2. Eat a meal in the dining hall or cafeteria—YUMMY!
  3. Explore each school’s website and specific programs
  4. Attend a class that interests you
  5. Bring a friend with you on a campus visit—schools start to look the same after a while, so a second set of eyes can be helpful to set schools apart from each other!
  6. Ask your councilor at school if anybody who recently graduated attended a school you are considering, and see if you can get in touch with them—since they went to the same high school, they can tell you how prepared you would be to attend a certain college
  7. Visit the surrounding city/town/village, or whatever is closest to campus, to see what life is like outside the school—think about what you like.

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