Forever Pride in your school

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This evening I went and watched a documentary about my high school at my high school concerning the recent 50 year anniversary of my high school. My high school has always been very close, in respect that we are all social and accepting of each other. My initial thought concerning this film was that it would be boring and filled with dated memories on what the high school use to be like. To my surprise, it turned out to be a very touching story of how a young school grew into a successful institution and expanded through out the surrounding area. As a senior, I have finally realized that the time is running out, and the days in which I am able to roam the halls of my high school are limited. But it also made me realize that I will forever be a part of my high school’s history. Graduating isn’t about leaving behind the memories that you made, but allowing new curious students to follow in your footsteps, strive to reach the goals that you have reached, and find out the truths that you have learned. High school is an important step in our lives. It teaches us about what we need to do to become adults, and forces us to inspire to be something great. The cool thing about High School is that the connection it creates last a life time. In twenty, thirty, fifty years. When you think back on your life. You’ll remember what high school did for you, how it changed you, and how it allowed you to become your own person, your own mark on society.


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