Following Your Passion

When I started thinking about what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, the first thing I thought about was becoming a Zoologist. As a kid I loved watch Crocodile Hunter, and Steve Irwin was the coolest guy on the planet. However, as I researched the career, the major that would be required, the salary, and even the career outlook, I realized that maybe financially and professionally it wouldn’t be a smart choice. After that realization I went to the polar opposite. I began researching the career paths of lawyers and doctors. For quite some time I remained interested in these careers. The pay seemed good, the education seemed interesting and rewarding, and the lifestyle seemed enjoyable. As time passed, the glamour of these jobs seemed to wear off. Did I want to spend my life doing what these professional do? What did I want out of life? I continued asking these questions to myself, while investigating various careers. As time pasted, and I still didn’t know what career I wanted to choose, I began asking my friends and family what I was good at and what career would be good for me. The answers that I received were varying, and because of this I was left with no change in my problem. The next thing I did was mentally list all the things I enjoyed, as well as the things I thought I was good at. Once again, I couldn’t make a solid decision but I was pretty interested in Computer Science. When Steve Jobs died I repeatedly watched the speech he gave at the Stanford Commencement in 2005. One of the main points he gave was that in order to find happiness, you need to find what you love, other wise you won’t be living your life. This speech as a whole really spoke to me and caused me to re-evaluate how I viewed my future. What I realized was that I was asking the wrong question the entire time. The question young adults need to ask is not, what career do I want to have? But, what do I want out of my life? With this new question in mind, I was finally able to get an answer. What I want out of life is, to live a life worth writing about. I have always planned on created a bucket list and living a fantastic life. Now with my new motto, I am more inspired to do so. That is the advice I have for you. Don’t just ask yourself, what career you want to have. Ask yourself, what do I (you) want out of life. We only live once. Don’t let anything stand in your way of living the life you want to live. No obstacle is too high or difficult to overcome. Follow your passion, follow your heart.


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