Planning My Senior Year: College Visits & College Apps

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One of our blog finalists Rosa has already planned out her Senior year of high school. Her most important year!

Senior year. Oh goodness gracious, I seriously never thought it would come. I’ve been waiting my whole life to apply to college and get into Harvard (yeah, I know dream big right?) and now that I’m here I’m not only very nervous but also somewhat balking. I mean where do I start? First of all, since I’m a huge procrastinator and only visited a few schools during the spring, I’m going hard on college visits this month. I sorted out all of the college mail I got during the past year (pack rat problems, I know), and only kept mail from colleges that I was interested in. From there, I sorted them by location, prioritized them by selectivity and ta da! I had my college visitation list. So next week, I’m going to visit some of my top schools (and those with the most awesome mail 🙂 ). I’ve also decided I am going to overachieve and finish my college apps by October…or well, I want to. Let’s just say my senior year is going to be ridiculous; I still want to take one more SAT in October and some subject tests in November. Did I mention I’m also getting ready to die with the hardest classes I’ve ever taken—hello AP Chemistry/Calculus/European History/English/Spanish and accelerated physics all at the same time! Yay!! I’m praying my guidance counselor is ready to be my crutch during this entire process because I’m going to need help. My parents both went to college in Italy and so nobody in my family really knows what to do—let’s just say it’s interesting being the firstborn in a family of immigrants. I’m just as thrilled for the second half of senior year as I’m nervous for the first half though. Prom, friends, graduation—I can’t wait 🙂

Name: Rosa Cuppari
Current School Attending: Union Catholic Regional High School
Anticipated College Major: International Relations and Political Science
Hometown: Kenilworth
State: NJ

About Rosa: Hey Everyone! My name’s Rosa and I’m a sweet and sassy seventeen year old full blooded Italian! I’m a smart brunette with a ton of blonde moments who is still a little kid at heart—Saturday morning cartoons and early bedtimes anyone? I’m also a nerdy athlete—I love lacrosse and soccer but am also a voracious reader and an avid forensicator (aka public speaker and debater). I love traveling, eating, and my biggest dream is becoming president of the United States 🙂

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