Ellen DiSilverio, 2016 Cover Contest Finalist

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Ellen DiSilverio is a 16-year-old senior at Liberty High School in Colorado Springs, Co.

Cartoon drawing books and sketchbooks full of anime characters triggered an enthusiasm for art at a young age in DiSilverio. Now that she’s older, she’s traded them in for more sophisticated pencil sketching and digital media.

She describes creating art as trying to put her imagination on paper – a process that makes her happy.

“Art enables me to transfer ideas into reality, and it’s the kind of struggle that keeps me entertained,” DiSilverio said. “I never feel hopelessly inadequate, but I can always watch myself get better.”

Art has become her niche in high school.

“I don’t have the confidence or voice to be the theatre star or student president. But people notice me and aspire to me and the art is the only one who has to do any talking,” DiSilverio said.

Looking to the future, DiSilverio is attracted to the facilities, atmosphere and study abroad programs at Savannah College of Art and Design. But she is also considering other schools where she could double major in art and biology.

“Theoretically, I’d love to be that person who bottle-feeds the baby animals at a zoo,” she said pondering what lies ahead. “Realistically, I’d love to be a conceptual artist for video games, or a 3-D character modeler.”

Ellen DiSilverio describes the inspiration for her artwork, “Evolution,” in the following way: “‘Evolution’ was part of a larger set that looked at the relationship between life and death, and how the end inspires new growth.”

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