MyMajors at NACAC for High Schools

  • MyMajors is a free program for students and counselors.
  • Students go online and complete a 15 minute assessment measuring academic achievement (grades, interest in courses, ACT/SAT scores), interest and personality.  
  • The assessment will recommend a student their best-fit major and their top 10 in ranked order.  They will also be connected to colleges that offer that major, and career plans for their future.
  • You can access your student’s results with a free school account, sign up here:
  • After signing up, you will receive a unique link (ex.  Use this link for your students and place it on your website, it will connect your student’s results to you.  Even if they don’t take the assessment with you, you will be notified of their results via email.

We have many other resources to use for your program:

Please let us know if you have any questions, you can email or call 816.361.0616.

My Majors

Have you have been asking yourself, "What should I major in?" Try our College Major Quiz, browse the largest list of college majors, or check out this great advice from industry professionals! Get Matched with the BEST School for YOU with MyMajors!

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