College Visits: Virtual Tours!

As many of you know this year is all about buckling down’ and making all of those life changing and life determining decisions! A huge part of that is figuring out just where you want to attend university. There are TONS of really amazing schools out there’ even if they are not name branded. While figuring out what college is best fit for you don’t forget WHERE this college is located. This will be the place you will be living for at least 4 years of your life. Guys..Girls…that’s a REALLY long time. For some of you’ this journey will be made alone. You will finally be able to spread your wings from the nest mamma and daddy has made for you. As many of you may or may not know’ I live in Hawaii on the island of Oahu. Being raised here was such an amazing experience’ between being exposed to all the different cultures and foods (YUM!) to having all day beach access. We are basically in the middle of nowhere’ the most isolated land mass on this earth. As thrilling as that may sound’ getting to college visits or just experiencing the mainland is hard to come by unless your family has the bucks to travel. So when I’m looking for colleges virtual tours is the way to go. An important thing here is to not only go on the college’s website but Google a few things too. Of course the college’s website is going to have stunning pictures of its campus’ but try to get a look at it in all different seasons. Here in Hawaii we have 2 season changes that most of us measure by which side the surf is on. Summer time’ its all South Shore’ once ‘winter’ time comes around we are by no means drinking hot chocolate and making snow men’ we all head up to the North Shore to see some sick waves and hopefully get lucky enough to witness the Eddie Aikau. So for me’ the weather changes in the area’s I am considering going to college in are very important. I’m all for change’ but not to the point where my hair freezes and breaks off like icicles.

I have literally stalked the campus of Rensselear Polytechnic Institute (RPI)’ Pretty much all the Ivy’s and tons of schools on the East Coast. The most intriguing thing about all the campus’ I have seen are the school grounds and the classrooms. Some range from something out of a Harry Potter book to the likes of a Hospital. An important thing to look for is the dorm rooms. If available try and get a glimpse of these’ after all you will be living in one for at least 1-2 if not all the years you are at college. These are usually the most unattractive part of any college (if there is one). RPI is basically my dream school’ I want to double major in Environmental Science and Computer Science. This school beautifully combines these two majors for me so I’m totally exited. Not only that’ but being a polytechnic university its very hands on’ which is totally perfect for me. If I hear of a college either via email or word of mouth’ I usually will take some time to sit down and go on virtual tours just to get a little feel for it. As for applying to all the colleges I have visited’ eh probably not’ that would cost a lot considering all the application fees. My strategy is that I started with one long list of all these colleges that I liked for different reasons’ and just over time started to narrow them down. Once I have a final list of about 4-6 colleges I obsess over them’ trying to find out every detail. So its October’ and that means Halloween is just around the corner. Totally stoked. Unlike everyone on the mainland’ we aren’t freezing our butts off at this time of year ☺ I don’t think you can tell from my profile picture but I have this crazy blonde curly hair. It goes about down to my waist’ so I got this fine idea of being Medusa. I love big hair and fun make-up and boy does Medusa meet all these requirements!


To call myself a nerd would be the understatement of the century! I think the worst word in the English language is average…and my favorite Spanish word is Gordita!! Basically, I want to change the world, in everything I do, I want to make a positive difference in my life and others. Oh and my favorite color is blue! I love every darn shade of it :)

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