Art Teacher of the year Nominee: James Warren Dean

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mr dean

Nominee: James Warren Dean
Name of High School/College: Concord High School
Nominator: Michela Garber

Why do you believe that this nominee should be named
Creative Outlook Magazine’s Art Teacher of the Year”?

Mr. Dean is a visual arts teacher who works his hardest to bring art into the lives of the students at Concord High School. He personally believes that everybody has a creative side, but often that it has been suppressed by a fear of inadequacy, or a lack of a formal, starting foundation in the area of their creativity. He provides that foundation and further to the students in his multiple Art 1 classes, and cultivates a growing interest in Art 2. He provides opportunities lost to other standard art classes (printmaking, figure drawing, art history), even at a school where the budget for the art department leaves much to be desired. Not only that, but he also encourages a large amount of constructive criticism between his students, and offers advice from his own experiences to all students hoping to better and – most importantly – find their art style and skills within themselves. Especially in my own experience in his AP Studio Art class, his attention given to us has helped me grow tenfold from my freshman year in Art 1 until now, in my junior year. Mr. Dean is such an inspiring art teacher because he has had such a profound change upon those who continue in his program, and causes his students’ different creative abilities to blossom in ways they never thought possible.

We all have a favorite art teacher. Someone who inspired us to become MORE, that pushed us to greater creative heights and made us BETTER than we ever thought possible! Nominate YOUR favorite art teacher for Creative Outlook Magazine’s Art Teacher of The Year award. On top of having your story highlighted in our next issue, the winner will receive a $250 award for art supplies! Nominate YOUR Art teacher NOW!

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