What is a Double Major?

If you are a strong student and if you have interests and strengths in several areas, consider a double major. For instance, a student with appropriate talents and a willingness to work hard might take majors in both biology and art. The student might then find employment that uses one of these majors or both, say in biological illustrations. Another student might take majors in computer science and marketing in order to work in electronic commerce and web site development.

Completion of a double major requires that a student complete the requirements for both majors. Policies guiding the completion of double majors vary from university to university. When the majors occur within the same college (e.g., marketing and computer information systems may both be in a college of business), the two majors may have many requirements in common, greatly easing the completion of two majors. When the majors are in different colleges (e.g., business and arts and science)more additional courses may be required.

If you do not have the time or desire to finish two majors, you might consider adding a minor instead.

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