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From second grade to fifth I was dead-convinced I would one day be a vet…. Then my guinea pig died on Christmas. There went that little dream cloud.

The guinea pig death really threw me outta whack and  I began to descend in a pit of depression, and things only got worse…

I was convinced I was Nancy Drew for a while… I couldn’t solve any mysteries. -dream dead-

I thought I was this amazing fashion designer who would one day own her own label… I only copied existing clothes… and broke my sewing machine… -moved on-

I convinced myself (and my sisters and cousins) that fairies were real and we would be the first to catch one…. they all discovered that I was the one who wrote all the tiny notes from the ‘Fairies’… -kaput-

I believed that (by some miracle from only God himself) that I could actually be a WMBA star…. I fainted after jogging half the mile in gym… -shot down like a mad cow-

And the worst one yet… I really truly believed that I was born a pirate and that any day a ship would be sailing toward me to bring me back to the family that was truly mine… My sister called me a loser when I confided in her and I realized I couldn’t be a real pirate…because a real pirate would never be called a loser…

I know, some people are probably thinking that these were normal childhood fantasies and that there was absolutely nothing wrong with me. And yes, in second grade it is normal… I was 14…. and fantasies like these were no longer childhood whimsies, these became full-fledged delusions that took place over a span of only one month.

Yes. That was a normal month in my life…


I’ve decided to be REAL recently, to stop pretending and to just be myself (craziness and all). So I have no idea who this new person that I am letting myself be is. And in order to write a Bio you must actually know yourself. So mayyyybe in a year this little Bio can be rewritten with the 100% honest truth. I am looking forward to discovering who I am and I hope many of you come along for this bumpy ride to discover it with me

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