Top 5 Video Game Careers

Love video games? Perhaps you should consider making a career of it.

A career in the video game industry can be a thrilling and rewarding choice. The industry offers a dynamic and creative work environment where you can express your creativity, contribute to the development of interactive entertainment and make a meaningful impact on players’ lives. Additionally, the global reach and entrepreneurial opportunities within the industry offer avenues for exploring your own vision and ideas.

While there are many more possibilities, here are our top 5 video game industry careers:

1. Game Developer/Programmer

Game developers/programmers are responsible for creating the software that powers video games. They work on coding and programming, implementing game mechanics, designing gameplay systems and optimizing performance. They may specialize in areas such as gameplay, graphics, physics, AI or networking.

Compatible Majors

Computer Science, Software Engineering, Computer Programming, Mathematics or a related field that provides a strong foundation in programming languages, data structures, algorithms and software development.

2. Game Designer

Game designers are responsible for creating the overall concept, mechanics and gameplay of a video game. They develop game ideas, design game levels, create characters, write game narratives and balance gameplay elements to create an engaging and enjoyable gaming experience.

Compatible Majors

Game Design, Computer Science, Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Multimedia Design or a related field that combines creative skills with knowledge of game mechanics, level design, storytelling and player experience.

3. Game Artist

Game artists create the visual elements of a video game, including concept art, character design, environmental design, 3D modeling, texturing and animation. They work closely with game designers and programmers to bring the game world to life and create visually appealing and immersive game experiences.

Compatible Majors

Computer Graphics, Animation, Visual Arts, Illustration, 3D Modeling or a related field that focuses on artistic skills such as drawing, digital art, 3D modeling and animation techniques.

4. Game Tester

Game testers playtest and evaluate video games to identify and report any bugs, glitches or issues. They provide feedback to game developers and help ensure that the game is polished, functional and meets quality standards.

Compatible Majors

Computer Science, Software Engineering, Quality Assurance or a related field that provides a solid understanding of software testing principles, bug tracking and quality control.

5. Game Audio Designer

Game audio designers are responsible for creating the audio elements of a video game, including sound effects, music, voiceovers and ambient sounds. They work to create an immersive audio experience that enhances the gameplay and overall atmosphere of the game.

Compatible Majors

Music Production, Sound Design, Audio Engineering or a related field that focuses on audio production, sound editing and music composition.

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