Thanksgiving Coup

white and orange pumpkins on table
Photo by Anna Tukhfatullina Food Photographer/Stylist on

Here’s what I like: being unpredictable! Poem time!

“Thanksgiving Coup”
Thanksgiving is such a lovely taste bud coup
With so much food, you’re not quite sure what to do!
Holy smoked turkey with a hot gravy stew
Creamy potatoes mashed through and through
Honey-glazed ham with a side of fruit salad goo
Gallons and gallons of a southern sweet tea brew
A cranberry sauce tower so high, its top is out of view
That terrible casserole made by aunt you know who
Sweet potatoes with marsh mellows, more than a few
Rolls smeared with honey in honor of Whinnie the Pooh
Green beans, lima beans, and baked beans too
Pumpkin pie and pecan pie, both fresh and new
Hot apple pie with a smidge of cinnamon fond due
Fudge covered in melted, chocolaty dew
Various sweets and treats out the wazoo
After eating it all, your stomach you’ll rue
For gaining so much you might just sue
With so many pounds being added onto you
But then after a nap, your appetite will renew
And you’ll begin your scrumptious consumption anew

Happy Thanksgiving! ~Rachel

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