Tips on Conquering the ACT or SAT

Tips on Conquering the ACT or SAT


Everyone knows that schools love to ask what our ACT or SAT scores are. Not only do students like to brag about their scores, but colleges also love to repeatedly display their students’ scores and averages. If you want to be one of those kids that aren’t afraid to say what they got on their tests, then I have a few tips for you.

For SAT and ACT:

1. Find an ACT/SAT tutor or class and actually attend class
(My tutor actually helped me raise my ACT score from a 28 to a 32. Also, your parent(s) could have potentially spent a substantial amount of money on your tutor so don’t waste their money and actually go to class; it will benefit you long term.)

2. Download ACT/SAT apps on your phone or other device
(If you are ever bored and are done going through Twitter and Instagram, you can go on your ACT/SAT app just for a refresher. I admit I got a few apps for my phone and only used them once or twice but I saw 2 very similar problems from my app on my next ACT test.)

3. Take practice tests and go over the questions you got wrong with your tutor or a teacher
(It is good to take practice tests because not only are the tests giving you good practice, but it is also helping you with time management. I have always been a fast worker and never really had to worry about time, but many of my friends say that the practice tests we took in class helped improve their timing tremendously.)

4. Buy ACT/SAT books for additional practice
(As they always say, practice makes perfect. The more reviewing and practice you do the better your score will be. Many times problems in ACT/SAT book are very similar to future tests because problems get recycled in the system every so often.)

5. Focus on specific areas that need improvement
(If you generally ace the math sections but struggle in reading, you should put more effort into reading passages to avoid bringing your average down due to one section.)

6. Get a good night sleep before and have a good breakfast the day of
(I remember the day before my last ACT test I stayed out later than I needed to. I ended up falling asleep for 15 minutes during a reading portion. Luckily, I had finished quickly and had those 15 minutes to spare, but even during the rest of the test I felt groggy and unmotivated.)

I believe that by following these 6 easy steps you can improve your testing scores extremely! The only thing holding you back from improvement and reaching your potential is you. If you do not dedicate yourself to your studies and tests, you will have a hard time standing out during college admissions. Lastly, I want to leave you with the statement that you should not be discouraged if you receive your ACT or SAT scores and you are not pleased. Majority of students take the ACT and SAT tests multiple times to show improvement, so do not give up if you bombed the first test; there is always another test the next month!

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