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While I was home for break, my 16 year old brother, who often goes by Mika (short for the Russian, Mikael), was really hitting those books. I wondered what he could possibly be studying so much for, since it was his Christmas break. “ACTs, SATs,” is what I was told.

“Where’s Miky? (pronounced Mee-kee),” I’d ask my mom, when it seemed he should be home but wasn’t. “He’s at an SAT prep class,” she’d answer.


That’s right! This is the time! He’ll be taking exams soon! These are the moments when I feel like Derpina.

Last January, I gave some tips on HOW to study for said exams, and you can find all those juicy details right here:

So as not to repeat myself, this time I would like to share with you some non-how-to-study related tips that have helped me do well on the SATs and ACTs. 🙂 Here goes!

SLEEP. I know that you are tempted to cram, but hear me out. If you sleep at least seven hours the night before, you’ll be well rested and more focused! (I hope). You don’t want to doze off in the middle of that essay, or start snoozing when you have about twenty more bubbles to fill in. Every point counts!

EAT. Well, obviously. You don’t want to hear your stomach grumbling in that quiet room full of test takers. But what I mean is, eat brain food! That means stay away from sugary cereal the morning of the big test – you’ll only crash before it’s through. Instead eat a whole grain cereal with some fruit on the side, like an apple with a dab of peanut butter (the protein will keep you full longer). Or even a ham, egg, and cheese (on whole wheat!). Give your body good things and it will be good to you 🙂

STAY HYDRATED! Make sure to bring a bottle of water with you to the exam. I hear our brains are 90% water, and that’s something you DO NOT want to mess with. Just make sure you don’t chug down that whole bottle and then have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the math section.

PICK A GOOD SEAT if they don’t sit you alphabetically. I find that sitting in the front corner of the room helps because I’m not distracted by what a bunch of other students are doing in front of me – be it tapping their feet or snacking (Yes. Once someone was eating a sandwich. I didn’t know that was allowed).

TAKE DEEP BREATHS to calm yourself if you’re feeling nervous or anxious before the test begins. Block out the sounds of other students tapping numbers into their calculators and sharpening their pencils – tune into YOU.

THINK POSITIVE! You CAN do this 🙂 And you’ll definitely do better if you go in with a positive attitude than if you go in dreading failure. Just keep calm, focus, and dive in. Remember, you can always do a re-take.

GOOD LUCK. And remember to check out my blog from last January for some study tips 😉

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