Three Simple Tips For SAT Preparation

Excerpt from SAT: In My Eyes | January 27, 2012

1. Do the practice test– those practice test are good gauges on what type of questions will be on the actual test. Most importantly however is that you do these test timed. The hardest part of the test is comprehending the material as well as answering the question in the allotted time.

2. Schedule– Our body responds positively to repetition. Therefore, it would be smart to write out a schedule of when you will study everyday. This time should be close to the same time every day so when that time rolls around your body will be conditioned to sit down and practice the material. Additionally, I think that it would be smart to focus on a certain part of the test each day instead of combining everything together.

3. Vocab, Vocab, Vocab– Review vocab when ever you have down time. Not only will the vocab help during the Critical reading portion it will also help during the writing portion. It is important to both recognize and be able to deduct what each word means. If you are able to eliminate two of the choice then you are in good shape.

I don’t consider myself an expert, but if I was able to go through the process again, the above tips would be the ones I would try to follow. I hope each and everyone of you does well on the SAT and everything you do.

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