Top Six Best Parts of Thanksgiving!

Picture Thanksgiving, it’s after November 15th and before January 1st. That means that you will be past the main early action deadline and not yet close to the main regular decision deadline. This is the perfect time for some rest and relaxation away from the stressful college admissions process! Enjoy this list of the top six best parts of Thanksgiving!


If you are like me, you could use a break from Physics and Pre-Calc! Challenge yourself to not worry about school for the whole break. I promise that you will be thank me for that advice. (Ok, pun intended)


5. Seeing the family

Ready for “YOU’VE GOTTEN SO TALL!!”? How about “I remember when you were in your crib with pajamas!”? Even if you can’t stand them, you gotta love a nice family gathering.


4. Charlie Brown

If you don’t watch Charlie Brown Thanksgiving with your family every year, start now. Let me repeat that, START NOW! Seeing Lucy pull away that football gets funnier every year! And who could forget that warm feeling the whole family shares when Snoopy and Woodstock has their pumpkin pie in the last scene?


3. The Macy’s Parade (or whatever your local parade is)

I may be 17, but when I see the Snoopy float, I still lose it! The Rocketts are majestic as ever and the holiday seasons formal beginning is when Santa’s sleigh comes rolling down 34th Street! I’m getting excited just thinking about it!


2. The start of Christmas music

It’s now been about a year since we’ve heard “White Christmas” or “Jingle Bell Rock” and I’m ready for 400 hearings of each! I love cracking an imaginary whip to that one version of “Sleigh Ride”. To my Jewish friends, Adam Sandler will crack me up again and again with “The Chanukah Song“.



If there is one day of the year when pigging out is the thing to do, it’s Thanksgiving. Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, rolls, and don’t dare forget about the pumpkin pie! Mmmmmmmm, now I’m hungry!



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