Technology, art, social interaction. It’s all an expression of humanity

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Apple is taking over the world… and it’s freaking fantastic. I just recently purchased my first-ever, glorious, gorgeous and possible sexy, MacBook Pro. Life rocks. I purchased a decal for the front cover of the Mona Lisa. Yes, I am deep, thank you for asking! You can tell because I have the Mona Lisa of the front of my Mac so obviously I am extremely sensitive, as well as brimming with artistic genius. I also listen to music you have never even heard of. Ever. In your entire life. Do you want to see more things that other people create that I use to express my individualism?

Okay, okay. I’m done bagging. Let me just say this: technology, art, social interaction. It’s all an expression of humanity.
How cool is that? Seriously? How cool are we? And that same endless realm of possibility is available for everyone, even us college kids who think we know All. The guy who runs the hot-dog stand, my grandma, you sitting there reading this. We’re all gifted in some way or another, and we all augment the world. So basically, we’re freaking fantastic. Oh, and so is The Godfather Part II… and Jesus.

When summer started, I was afraid. Not necessarily of the monster under the bed, although I am convinced Gollum lives down there. No, I was afraid of this Realm of Possibility: the entire universe waiting for me. No pressure, though. There are no boundaries, no limits. We can do anything. What a beautiful, horrible thing. Perhaps this is the reason we screw up so much, for the same reason we do so many things right.

So from here on out, I vow to royally screw up, and to create something better than there was before. At the same time..?

ACTIVITIES: Writing, composing, acting, singing, reading, running, dancing, laughing, eating, loving, blogging, driving the general populace absolutely bonkers, owning the fact that I drive the general populace absolutely bonkers, wishing I was British, pretending I’m British, enjoying the wisdom found in folk music, mocking Indie kids, realizing that what I just wrote, in fact, describes myself as an Indie kid, revising the positives and negatives of being an Indie kid, realizing two things: the first being that we need to be who we are, even if that means being a tool, and the second that whoever is reading this will love me, hate me, or realize how SPECIAL I am despite my common interests, possible useless advice, and trendy untrendy tastes. Go on. Read my work, and love me. You’ll be fabulously happy to publish a blog of mine, and you’ll thoroughly enjoy my useless tool-like opinions on everything. After all, what on earth can a college girl do to change the world? According to the world, nothing. According to me, and I assume according to you, everything!


I have found in my brief and relatively simple existence that I adapt, evolve and rearrange myself on a daily basis. I have crossed into the perilous unknown of (very) young adulthood, and thus I am somewhat entitled to be in constant state disarray and discovery. Saddle up, kids. This'll be one heck of a bumpy ride...

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