Governing My Life

I don’t know how people in the world feel about life but I do know how I feel. Fear, complete and utter fear. Life is really scary. Up until now I haven’t really realized that. My dad was always the one governing my life. Telling me to go to school, telling me to clean my room, telling me what not to do. Now, I’m the one who has to govern my life. And I have got to say, life is NOT an easy thing to govern. I have to make my own decisions, to set my own priorities, to tell myself to clean my room. For those of you who are not “adults” or those who are still governed by their parents, I am very jealous. You are protected from doing the hardest thing ever made….making decisions. Trust me on this, desicions are not the easiest thing to make. There isn’t even a recipe for it. Treasure your parents, the chefs of decision. It probably took them years to master the art of making decisions. So, whenever your parents tell you what to do, just think “Thanks. You saved me the trouble of making a decision…and maybe also the trouble of slaving over a hot stove.”


I was born and grew up in Liberia, a small country located on the west coast of Africa. At eight years old, my family and I had to relocate to America due to a severe civil war. It wasn't tough. I had my family with me who were going through the same thing. We all support each other. That was how we survived the different community, atmosphere, people, and culture.

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