Senior Blues?

Nikki at the Beach

Good evening (or morning, or afternoon–I guess it depends when and where you’re reading this), MyMajors viewers!

It’s been a while, and I thought it’d be great to catch you all up on my whereabouts as well as offer you some of my timely advice! As you guys can tell from the pictures, I’ve been out and about! Two Saturdays ago my brother and I went to Manresa beach with our buddies for our friend’s church event. Against all logic, I dove into the harsh, cold waters with my friends (sometimes you really can’t keep up with the guys) and almost got hypothermia! Hahaha! Of course, it wasn’t all that funny at the time, but in retrospect EVERYTHING’S FUNNY!
And that’s what brings me to senior blues.

I know a lot of people are admonishing those displaying any symptoms of senioritis so soon, but I also want to remind everyone to take a breather once and a while! See those beach pictures? This is what keeps my quality of life BALANCED and POSITIVE! Many of you might feel completely overwhelmed because you’re studying for the last SAT/ACT test you’ll take, fighting to get a hold of your teachers in order to ask for a letter of recommendation, tallying up your extracurricular activities and volunteer hours, drafting essays and personal statements, AS WELL AS maintaining the grades you have in school right now! Where’s the time to have fun and enjoy your senior year?

Nikki in the carMy answer to that is the weekend. If you don’t have time on the weekends, make time. In fact, make time during the weekdays! Take at least 30 minutes a day to dedicate to yourself; you can text, IM, surf the web, watch tv, read a book unrelated to school, work out, take a walk, etc. Try to have a social life, too! Now I’m not saying you have to deliberately put yourself out there and socialize as if it’s a necessity. But if you want to spend the day with friends, why not? Get your work done, or plan and allot a time when you can get your homework completed. If it’s absolutely impossible to do both, manage your time better throughout the week so you can have time on the weekends for fun! Believe me, it really works wonders on your body and mind. When you’re stressed out, your skin can break out, you won’t think as sharply, and you’re just plain old cranky! Sometimes all we need is a little ataraxia to combat the anxiety. I guarantee you’ll feel a lot happier when you do something for yourself, and not just for college or school. Who wants to look back on their senior year and feel like it was all a joke–“I really could’ve lightened the load and had some fun…” People want to recall memories with an air of nostalgia, not with “Oh, yeah…That year sucked!” Do yourself a favor and go out! Like I said, it might feel like you’re swimming in your own stress, but when you look back on it, it’ll only just be a funny and distant memory so you might as well make something of it!

Keep it up, kids! I’m right here with ya!


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