Rosemary Gallegos: Creative Outlook Visual Contest Runner-Up

Rosemary GallegosRosemary Gallegos, a junior at United High School in Laredo, Texas, is the best sort of example when teachers seek out a well-rounded student. She aims at creating art, especially art created from recycled materials to being part of her school’s robotics club.

Her painting, Goodbye, was painted on cardboard. The Austin Fair competition included a component to make art out of recycled materials. “I wanted to turn trash into something creative,” she says. The title of the piece comes from the band Best Coast’s song and Rosemary describes the image with the line: “Every time you leave this house, everything falls apart.”

In high school, Rosemary is part of the art club and hopes to join Advanced Placement studio art next year. She is also part of the debate and the chemistry clubs. “I plan to major in art and possibly minor in fashion. I am thinking about the State University of New York-Purchase or the Art Institute of Austin.” Contemporary artists and their art inspires Rosemary. “I hope to see myself at a good art school or university with a good art program. After graduation, I would really love to do design work for Old Navy.”

Reflecting to her childhood, Rosemary says she picked up painting and crafts from shows on television. As a kindergartner, she drew a detailed can of spinach. “Soon enough I was in the art club in elementary. I entered a contest with a collage that won best in show. I was inspired to keep going.” She has entered the Fine Arts Fiesta and her artwork was featured as the cover in the 2010-2011 Texas Education Agency Events Calendar.

“I work with lots of media. I reuse what I can find and that includes magazines, cardboard, whatever I can find. I like to create my own stencils. Then there is printing and drawing, plus oil painting too,” she says.


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