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Alright, so senior year is a lot harder than I thought it would be! The college application process is NOT easy my friends, especially when schools like Yale ask about six essay questions! I suppose the chance to attend is well worth it, but I can’t help it that my brain is on over drive half of the time, and in a complete block the other half. Also, I can’t seem to catch senioritis (as if I could with all the work I’m being assigned >.<)  I hope I get a case soon though – maybe that way I’ll be a little less stressed. I’m taking a de-stressing class this week. Yes, it’s that bad. Let’s hope I pick up some helpful tips. If I do, I promise to share them!

As for my common application, I’m on the fourth draft of my essay. I’ve already applied to Fordham for Theater; I’ll tour the campus when I audition. I can’t really believe I’m saying that. I feel like the time is going by so fast. I’ve applied to Northeastern already as well. I visited a couple of schools in Boston not too long ago. I tell you, Boston…Boston is amazing. My parents are being really fantastic about the college process. My parents, brothers, an awesome cousin and I all spent several days in Massachusetts to visit a couple of schools we were interested in – Boston University, Harvard, and Northeastern for me and my cousin, and MIT for my tech-savvy and musically talented nearly sixteen year old brother (although he ended up really liking Northeastern too).

The Theater programs are no joke, although at Harvard I’d have to create my own major. I like how clean it is over there. I’ve known New York my whole life, so I’m extremely comfortable and excited about the possibility of going to school there – be it Fordham, Adelphi, NYU’s Tisch – but I also like the removed, yet not removed feeling of the University land that is Boston! NOT TO MENTION CARNEGIE MELLON IN PENN. (Did I talk about Yale’s library? I almost died inside there).

At first I thought that I would make a list of Pros and Cons for the colleges. Instead, I ended up figuring out which schools might work best as my partners. I want to go somewhere where I can give as much as I get. I’m not going to reveal the results of that project quite yet =)

I will say, however, that I’ve decided not to set my heart on anything. The truth is that there are a lot of great places to study any one subject, and that setting one’s heart on a particular place is an icky set-up for disappointment. Instead, I’m waiting until I get my letters, whatever they may hold, and then choose what I hope will be the healthiest relationship, if I’m so fortunate as to be allotted that!

Now, to finish getting those applications out….

Good luck to all!


Hi! My name is Ariana and I am so psyched to be a part of the MyMajors team for another year! I love the usual things - reading, writing, books, movies - travel, people, community service (Compassionate Action)! High School was a blast, and my senior year held the kind of Gold I never imagined (the self-fullfilling kind, the family kind, the National kind - you name it). I'm going to Tisch, School of the Arts at NYU this fall; my major is BFA Acting and my studio is Experimental Theater - but my interests run the gamut, so I'm sure I'll be exploring other fields of study as well! Sharing 17 with you was great - let's see what 18 has to offer - the City is calling ;)

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