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Student Mobile Application in Qatar, QARARI, announces strategic partnership with college major tool MyMajors

MyMajors to build custom algorithm that will be embedded inside mobile application for students looking for colleges, universities, and career opportunities in Qatar with the QARARI mobile application.

QARARI is an app for students to find their gateway to their future, it helps them find all the universities in Qatar, apply for internships and find courses that help students with their career path. To help students find their career path and future major, QARARI partnered with MyMajors to develop a custom program that students can complete inside the app and will recommend students a personalized list of majors. Advisors and counselors can work with students on their suggested majors to explore and create their college and career plans in Qatar. Students and parents can download the app in the Google Play and iTunes App Store.

About the App

The custom assessment on QARARI can be completed in 15-minutes and matches students’ aptitude, interests, and work preferences to specific majors. The suggested programs give a description about the program of tudy, what types of students are interested in the program, career outcomes, videos, and career data. Utilizing the assessment will help students make a more informed choice about their future college and career. Having the right major before attending a university decreases their chances of changing majors and not graduating in a timely manner.

More than 50% of students change their major at least once. This can impact a student’s success rate in college. Without understanding the wide ranges of opportunities available to them and career outcomes, it can be a difficult choice for students and parents. QARARI and MyMajors have teamed together to help students build their confidence to their major and college plans. QARARI is not only for students in Qatar, but also for any international students looking to attend a university in Qatar.

The President of MyMajors, Guy Townsend, had this to say about the new partnership,“Finding a major can be difficult! QARARI offers a unique service and support to students in Qatar. By guiding students toward their future, we can help them find the right college or university in Qatar, and help them stay on track to graduate in a degree they will enjoy and be successful in completing.” 

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More information:

QARARI is an application designed to help high school students explore their higher education options and decide on their career paths in alignment with their skills and passion in life. We at QARARI aim to help students take informative decisions about their future.

The Co-founders of QARARI App, met at SAMA NAMA social entrepreneurship program in 2017. The idea of the App emerged from the experiences of students and professionals who cooperated with the founders. The founders invested their personal time to help local students and graduates by bringing QARARI App to life.

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MyMajors is a leading platform in higher education for improving student decisions, academic advising, degree planning, and college completion. Through a knowledge-based algorithm, we guide each student to find their best-fit major in college. By helping students find a major, we are improving college retention and graduation rates and decreasing student uncertainties and confusion. We provide this proactive data to support staff, enrollment officers, and advisors to help students make an informed choice and find their purpose on campus.

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