Trish Ho, Peer Choice Contest Winner

In the realm of budding artistic talents, Trish Ho stands out as a beacon of creativity.

The 17-year-old senior at Bellaire Senior High School in Houston, Texas, has captured the hearts of many with her unique artistic prowess.

Ho’s piece, “Beholder,” was selected as the Creative Outlook Magazine 2023 Peer Choice winner for our Cover Contest.

Trish Ho’s “Beholder,” was selected as the Creative Outlook Magazine 2023 Peer Choice winner for our Cover Contest.

Discovering the Artistic Spirit

Ho’s affinity for art began almost as soon as she could hold a crayon. However, she doesn’t pinpoint a specific moment of discovery. Instead, she credits her mother for nurturing her artistic inclinations from the very start.

Today, she predominantly engages with digital art, but finds joy in traditional mediums, particularly oil pastels for their imaginative allure.

The Continuous Journey of Improvement

What keeps Ho enamored with art is the perpetual journey of improvement it offers. Every artwork she creates is a stepping stone, acknowledging imperfections but anticipating the prospect of creating something even more extraordinary in the next piece.

“[Art] reminds me that I am happiest when I am improving myself,” she said. “When I first entered high school, it was one of the activities that I most enjoyed that helped me stay engaged in learning.”

For Ho, art is more than a creative outlet. It’s a motivational force. She confesses that while she might not always feel motivated to learn in a traditional academic sense, when she applies her feelings about art to school subjects, there’s a noticeable boost.

“Beholder”… A Glimpse into Perspective

“Beholder” delves into the complexities of perception. Inspired by the adage, “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder,” she explores the notion that our perspective on the world is intricately linked to our inner selves. The star around the character’s eye signifies the spark or interest that originates within, while the guiding hands symbolize external influences shaping our worldview.

The creation of “Beholder” involved concept sketches centered around the theme, mapping out a bold color scheme with high contrast, and finally, bringing the vision to life digitally.

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