The 2020 Creative Outlook Cover Contest Ends in Just One Week

The 2020 Creative Outlook Cover Contest ends Tuesday, September 1st. That means you have just one week left to submit your artwork for a chance to win a $250 scholarship and a feature in the next issue of Creative Outlook. Visit the contest page to submit your work, and be sure to vote on your favorites while you’re there! The piece with the greatest number of votes will receive the Peer Choice Award. Check out a selection of our most recent submissions below:

“creation,” by Laura Arango (Vote on this piece now!)

“Showcase Of The Galaxy,”by Lashayla Stephens (Vote on this piece now!)

“Pure love,” by Vanessa stephania Arroyo Retana (Vote on this piece now!)

“Highway 395,” by Ivan Hernandez (Vote on this piece now!)

“The Year 2020,” by Abel Guillen (Vote on this piece now!)

“Simple Acts That Can Stop The Spread,” by Nadia Andrea Urbina Villacorta (Vote on this piece now!)

“Harmony,” by Rickelle Haller – Zamora (Vote on this piece now!)

“Right or Left?” by Carmen Bunche (Vote on this piece now!)

“Chimerical,” by Tooba Nazim (Vote on this piece now!)

“Neon nights,” by Peter Langley (Vote on this piece now!)

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