Lexi Wierenga, 2023 Cover Contest Winner

A unique tapestry of expression stitched together with passion and talent sets artist Lexi Wierenga apart.

Wierenga’s piece, “Blindsided,” was selected as the Creative Outlook Magazine 2023 Cover Contest winner. A second piece by Wierenga, “Dive,” was our runner-up winner.

Wierenga, a 21-year-old student at Kendall College of Art and Design, majoring in Fashion Studies, graciously shared her creative history, inspirations and aspirations in an interview that provides a glimpse into the mind of a budding creative force.

Lexi Wierenga’s “Blindsided” (left) was selected as the Creative
Outlook Magazine 2023 Cover.

Lexi Wierenga’s artistic journey commenced at the age of 5, recognized by a preschool teacher who insisted her mother frame a painting of a flamingo, predicting a future of fame in the art world.

Encouraged by her family and nurtured by the guidance of Mr. Reinstine, her high school art teacher, Wierenga emphasizes the significance of dedication and hard work alongside natural talent.

In her own words, “Art is a skill that needs to be learned and practiced in order to improve, just like a sport or any other hobby.”

Art, for Wierenga, is not merely a medium of expression. It is an inseparable part of her identity and purpose in life.

“I feel that art is entirely inseparable from my life and that the sole purpose I live is to create.”

This profound connection with art serves as a form of mindfulness, guiding her through moments of stress or difficulty so she can find solace in the act of creation.

Two pieces in Wierenga’s portfolio, “Blindsided” and “Dive,” showcase the evolution of her artistic expression.

“Blindsided” marks the conclusion of her self-portrait series, with Wierenga’s decision to leave the portrait incomplete symbolizing a shift in mindset towards outward experiences rather than introspection. “Dive,” inspired by the work of fellow artist Laurel Dugan, acted as a catalyst during a period of artist’s block, igniting Wierenga’s creativity and resulting in three paintings, one of which became “Dive.”

Lexi Wierenga’s “Dive” (below) was our runner-up.

Wierenga’s distinct style, characterized by its organic evolution, is a testament to her refusal to force a particular aesthetic.

She shares, “I stopped trying to stick to one style, and my expressionistic style came quite easily afterward.”

Her creative process, described as “way more creative than a process,” involves minimal planning or sketching, relying on raw emotion to guide her brush. Her approach often results in multiple hidden paintings beneath the final piece, showcasing the depth and complexity of her creative journey.

Looking ahead, Wierenga dreams of a dual career, aspiring to be a designer for Vogue and a successful gallery artist. While continuing her education and honing her skills, she plans to sell her art consistently, organize an independent gallery show and seek internship opportunities in fashion design.

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