Hysteric Blue

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Hysteric Blue

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    • Terry Robinson

      Cameron you have came along way. Those hands and fingers you have are of a gift from god. He has blessed you to be very creative, detailed, and visually gifted. I love the painting, it would be a painting I could put in my house. Keep up the good work, make me proud.

  1. Ava Elliott

    Cameron “Picasso” Jenkins….You are truly artistically talented. (Was instantly captivated by “the eyes”). This is a phenomenal submittal, and we wish you the very best of luck in the competition!

  2. Brenda Andrews

    Awesome work; it looks like a photograph. So refreshing to see young talent right here in our community.

  3. Roosevelt ( Sankofa) Lawrence

    Great job young Mr. (Camron) Jenkins. Continue painting, praising and representing your family, your city, other young artist and the Creator.

  4. Brenda Peeples

    Outstanding…a beautiful work of art. The eyes are mesmerizing. God bless and good luck on this and all future endeavors.

  5. Yvette

    Great job, this is work of a true artist. I hope to see more of your work in the future.

  6. Grecia Guapillo

    That is an amazing piece of art. The way you make the eyes look it’s so meaningful. They are so expressive. I love it. <3

  7. Marcy Nichols

    You are an amazing and very talented student. I think you have the talent to become an inspiring artist. Good luck to you.

  8. Chris DeYonke

    Excellent work Cam. Very nice to see your talent show in public.

  9. Brianna V

    – this drawing is amazing keep up the good work!
    you have talent good job c;

  10. Shard'e Williams

    OMG! This looks so realistic i cannot belive its a drawing i really hope you win.

  11. Emma Peterson

    Great Job! This is an artist that we will be seeing more of very soon. Keep up the good work.

  12. Freman Hendrix

    Cameron, very, very, talented. Extraordinary work of art! Good luck on this and all your future endeavors. FH

  13. Mariah Allen

    Wow, Cameron I never knew you could draw like that!!! Fantastic job 🙂

  14. Sarah

    Wow!!! Im so proud of your amazing work!! You should be proud!! Im so impressed!! Good Luck!!!

  15. Bernice Johnson

    Your work is very, very, very good. I love your work,
    Auntie Bernice. Will tell everyone I know to vote. Love

  16. Bobby Toliver

    Pure genius! Exceptional intellectual ability, creativity, and originality.

  17. Joyce Hayes Giles

    Cameron, you are so creative and talented! I wish you the very best! -Joyce Giles

  18. amber

    hi cameron i know youll win just keep up the good work i belive in ive in you

  19. Sister Walker

    You truly are a talented person. You are annointed to do the work you are doing. Stay on the path you are on and continue to be blessed.

  20. Dave Warren

    Cameron, You just keep getting better and better. It is wonderful to see an artist progress. You are certainly a bright spot in a world that needs more beauty.

  21. james mckiever

    Man I see what the kids be saying abou your paintings good job

  22. semaj mckiever

    cameron i love this keep up the good work love you i believe in you cousin cameron

  23. semaj mckiever

    cameron keep up the good work i know you will win i believe in you love you cousin cameron

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