Desiree Zielinski: Visual, Runner-Up

DesireeZielinskiDesiree Zielinski graduated from Mid-Valley High School in Throop, Penn., in 2008. She is currently a student at Marywood University, Scranton, Penn, where she is majoring in graphic design. She should earn her bachelor’s in fine arts in the spring.

Her work, My Subconscious in Trying To Break Through, came in a burst of imagination after looking into a foggy mirror after a shower. “I took the photo and then brought the photo into Photoshop and created the image I sent in for the contest. I suppose inspiration comes at the weirdest times and the weirdest places. The essence of the piece is about looking inward and listening to your inner self. In the end it is about listening to your heart.”

DesireeZielinski222In high school Desiree took all the art and photography classes she could. She joined the art club and the yearbook club. As one of the photo editors, she helped select images and also designed pages with classmates. At college, she is part of CMYKlub, which helps members become student members in the local advertising club; Delta Epsilon Sigma, the school’s scholastic honor society; and Zeta Omicron, the chapter of Kappa Pi International Art Fraternity, a service organization for art majors.

“Graphic art is the perfect mesh of fine arts and technology. I enjoy both sides of the equation. There are lots of avenues for graphic design. I also exploring media and television … all my options,” she says. She has done work study at the university’s art galleries and served as an intern at a news station and at a T-shirt printing company.

“I also sing in a folk group that is part of the church choir and sometimes a group of students gets together at a café in Scranton as a sort of philosophical chat group,” she says.

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