Converse Blues

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Converse Blues

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  1. Ana mora

    Fantastic job frankie. I love it. Amazing drawing hands you have.

  2. Angelica olvera

    I’m so very proud of my husband you’re going places my love! ;D This painting is truly amazing!

  3. letty

    Gud job babe,IM so proud of u cuz since u were little drawing stick figures,I knew u were gonna grow up to be a great artist, and this piece of art work is tha u and gud luck my love.

  4. Kristin :)

    I’m very proud of you frankie, with everything you do you are so successful! this is just the start of many good things to come! Your artwork is the best! <3

  5. Ryan Chavarria

    This is an amazing piece of work! you are really talented!!

  6. Aaron Saenz

    This is the best thing I’ve ever seen. Great Job Man!

  7. Anthony Ascencio

    wow this Frankie Luna has major talent you have really set the bar bud, cover for sure

  8. Alicia Briones

    I really love to look at this picture because of the colors an it looks very life-like..

  9. Esmeralda Martinez

    Great work, love the combination of your blues and purples. You accomplished what you said and that was to grasp the attention of young viewers. With this said, two of my kidos want a pair of new converse!

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