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Alumni Profiles: Gabriella Hale, Syracuse University

Shortly after her May 2018 graduation from Syracuse University’s College of Visual and Performing Arts, Gabriella Hale embarked on a career in design by accepting a position as associate designer for Perigold, one of Wayfair’s four lifestyle brands.

She works closely with other designers, copywriters and animators to create print and digital assets that support Perigold’s evolving brand identity.

“Much of my time is devoted to designing emails and online storefront assets, which are the primary ways our customers interact with the brand,” says Hale. “The emails create a more robust shopping experience by offering an editorial perspective of products, designers and trends.”

As she began her job search, Hale, who graduated with a bachelor of fine arts degree from Syracuse’s Communications Design (CMD) program, found that being able to professionally present her portfolio was almost as valuable as the work inside it.

“Because students in the CMD program are really given the freedom to own their projects from brief to execution, I was able to speak in great detail about each of my portfolio pieces,” explains Hale. “Being able to back up every design decision you make and walk your audience through your process, research and final execution not only helps when interviewing for a creative role but also when you present your work to stakeholders later on.”

Hale is excited to work for Wayfair because she is able to combine her two passions: interiors and graphic design.

“Every day, I enjoy being able to create Perigold branded assets that showcase beautiful products and inspiring styles,” she says. “It is so rewarding to know that your work helps guide customers through an engaging shopping experience, allowing them to find that one-of-a-kind perfect piece for their home.”

Hale encourages students who wish to study design in college to always be observant of the visual marketing that surrounds them.

“Whether you’re driving down the highway taking in billboards, or shopping at the grocery store in an aisle of packages, or flipping through a magazine at the doctor’s office, take note of what stands out to you, and why,” she explains. “You’ll start to realize how much design can influence even the simplest decisions you make, and that knowledge will help inform the design you put into the world.”

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