2016 Art Teacher of the Year Nominee: Kathleen Gordon-Davis

…I am nominating my teacher, Mrs. Kathleen Gordon-Davis, because she is the most inspirational, motivating, and thoroughly encouraging teacher and person. It is a privilege to have been taught by this teacher for three years. Mrs. Gordon-Davis truly and personally cares for each of her students and always does her best to individually help the students and staff at Mother McAuley. Furthermore, Mrs. Gordon-Davis opens up many opportunities to her students; she is constantly informing us about scholarships and entering student artwork into exhibitions and contests. My art has been displayed in several exhibits and I have won contests only because Mrs. Gordon-Davis spent extra time and effort to care about me and my art. Also, my teacher is a naturally inspiring role model to the entire school. She pushes her students to go over and beyond with what is expected; Mrs. Gordon-Davis goes over and beyond with what is expected. With many years of experience and learning, Mrs. Gordon-Davis has motivated her students to pursue the arts and has encouraged everyone to purely do what they love. Her dedication to her job and art is inspiring without her trying. Mrs. Gordon-Davis is selfless and a personal role model to me for all of these reasons. My teacher deserves to be Art Teacher of the Year because she has motivated me to pursue a career in the arts, inspired me to continue to make art, and encouraged me to do what I love.

–Grace Turcich, Mother McAuley Liberal Arts High School in Chicago

Mrs. Gordon-Davis…is an amazing teacher and role model to every student she encounters. She will put a smile on your face and make you laugh. She pushes your skills in your artwork and wants only the best for her future artists. Every girl who has ‘GD’ at McAuley will tell you she is the funniest, most creative and caring teacher in the art wing. I’m nominating my teacher because GD does so much for her students and truly cares and I believe she deserves this award of Art teacher of the year.

–Emily Helms, Mother McAuley Liberal Arts High School in Chicago

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