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Well, guys. It’s been uh… it’s been pretty intense for the the last month. I got in a car accident and totaled my car so I had to take my parents’ car to school, but then THAT car spontaneously combusted in a Rite-Aid parking lot (of course when I was driving it) and the manager had to help us put the fire out. Because of my accident, I have to wear a neck brace and a back brace for a month and do physical therapy twice a week. But don’t worry, my neck brace is super cool. I am going to bedazzle it and put pictures of cool bands like One Direction and Maroon 5 and put a Facebook “Dislike” sticker on it and put like, six internet memes on there so no matter where I go people will be like, “Oh, she’s injured. But, oh! Look how cool and aware she is of popular media!”

When you wear a neck brace, apparently you have leprosy. People gawk at you without being aware of said gawking. I am like, “Hello there, as you can see my neck needs additional support because of trauma to my nervous system, but I am still conscious and aware of the face you are making right now.”

Neck brace does not equal blind. Neck brace DOES equal people opening the door for you though. Unnecessary, but sweet. Did I mention that I found out that any wheat products I have ingested in the last couple weeks have been fermenting and making gaseous pockets in my intestines? So long, toast. I will miss thee. My goodness, I have gone through some major changes this month.

No. I mean literally.
I changed my major.

I WAS a Pre-Cinema and Television Arts major, with an emphasis in Screenwriting and a minor in Theatre. NOW I am a Theatre major with a minor in Creative Writing.

Whoa there.

I decided to put some “Confidence Socks” on my cold feet and am happily (and warily) plowing forward. Theatre is not the most stable major, but I am not the most stable person. So it works out.

It just make sense. My ultimate goal is the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, so the best thing I can do is prepare starting now, and reflect how serious I am through my academic and extracurricular choices. Plus, I really miss performing. A lot. Like, so much. I do it in my room in front of my mirror, but that is not the same.

Oh, did I mention I’m studying Theatre next year in England?
Let me mention it, then.

Wait, I lied. Strike that. Rephrase.
I am a candidate for the Study Abroad program through CSU and I am (probably) moving to the UK next year to (extremely probably) study Theatre at the University of Hull (very extremely probably).

But I am going. Because there is nothing wrong with me.
No, seriously.
That’s what they told me. As long as I get the pre-requisite classes done and maintain a 3.0 (extremely easy) I am in.

But I am just speaking on faith and telling everyone I am going. Does that constitute as lying? Let’s hope not.
That sounds really bad.

In case you haven’t been able to interpret the subtext, let me divulge how I feel: I want this so intensely I can’t even entertain the (improbable) idea that I won’t get in. See?! I just did it RIGHT THERE. I can’t even type it, for goodness sakes! I am, as they say in some countries, a crazy person.

I am sure you all have something like that, something you want so much you feel like it’s as fully a part of you as the bones in your body and the blood in your veins. Our dreams reflect so much of who we are, and we should never ever ever give up on them. We can’t give up the things that help shape us.

I have been able to express myself creatively, though. I have been doing a lot of photography, and a LOT of writing. I am in the middle of a series of poems, two short stories, a screenplay and a book! We’ll see what comes out of them. I submitted some of them to the Northridge Review, CSUN’s literary magazine. I’ll find out if they’re going to be published in May. If they are, I will let you all know.

Now, on to MyMajors business! I took the online assessment, and these were the majors that were suggested for me:
1) Theatre
2) Journalism
3) Film, Cinema & Video
4) Creative Writing
5) Public Communications

Who’s surprised? Yeah, me either. Those assessments are very accurate (and extremely helpful). I recommend you take it. Interestingly enough, there were NO changes to my last assessment, which I find hilarious. If I would have followed this assessment, I would have been one year into my Theatre degree instead of one year behind. TRUST THE LIST. Haha. All of those things are facets of my personality that make sense. Now, I WAS surprised how high Journalism came on the list, but I think that may be because there were not a lot of film-heavy questions in the assessment. Or, maybe I am just in denial and I am secretly Anderson Cooper’s prodigy. Oh, I wish. He is a beautiful man. I mean, who goes from being a millionaire Calvin Klein model to a CNN anchor? What a random, beautiful thing…

Anyway, take the assessment, guys. It may reassure you that you are making the right choice, completely change your mind or present new possibilities!

Two things before I finish:
2) I love pumpkin pie.

If I had to pick a favorite Thanksgiving food, there you go. That’s it. Pumpkin anything I will eat. Pumpkin ice-cream, pumpkin bread, pumpkin pudding, pumpkin candy, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin juice (I wish I went to Hogwarts), pumpkin anything, I am so down.

(If you get the reference, you’re so cool.)
(If you don’t… you disappoint me.)








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