My AP portfolio progress!

What’s up guys! This month went by super fast, I can’t believe that I’m almost half way done with senior year. I’m so ready to start life in the real world. I try not to think of all the troubles that might come with adulthood, I’m just ready to make my own decisions and live with it.

Our school had a surprise artist come to the school last week. Speaking to her, gave me some hope about art as an option for a career. One of the biggest things she said was that she always had a backup plan. She refused to be a starving artist. She went to college for accounting, but always did art on the side. Disney studios saw her work when she was 21 years old! Her career exploded (in a good way) from there. She later designed the U.S. Kwanza stamp, and her career in art has lasted over 30 years. She spends her time traveling the world creating art and speaking to kids about how she made it. This lady is living the life! The whole time she was talking I just kept saying, “I can do it too.” She re-inspired me to say the least. I really needed to see an actual artist out there not struggling.

Oh and yes I do have some more good college news! Memphis College of Art has named me a Select Scholar candidate, so this means they have waived my application fee (which I totally needed) and I qualify for a minimum merit scholarship of $9000 per year guys! This good news could open new doors for my future I’m excited.

Just to update everyone on my AP portfolio progress here’s a few pieces I’ve done up to this point check it out:

image 1

image 2

Image 3

image 3

image 4

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