Senior Year Craze

MyMajors blog finalist Emmanuel is a Questbridge College Prep Scholar. See what he has to say below!


Emanuel profile photo1 Senior Year CrazeHow am I supposed to survive this maze?
Am I walking at the right pace?
Who said I was stressing, can you see my face?
The final year has come and now don’t be a bum.
Are you ready for what you’re going to become?
I have 5 AP classes and a college class, yum!
You see I have this dilemma.
My counselor wants me to go to UC Berkeley, that’s his lemma.
He wants me to obtain the best knowledge
(That’s why he’s taken me to most of the Ivy Leagues and Stanford)
But little does he know Stanford is my favorite college.
The Personal Statement is my strongest suit, that I acknowledge.
Do not worry about standardized testing, you should be reinvesting,
time for that composition that will get you the position.
Everything else is set in stone,
Despite how much you moan.
Times are about to get rough,
You just need to get tough.
Most products in my cabinet have a scholarship, not to bluff.
We both find ourselves in this much trouble,
We’re in space next to Hubble (I want to be an aeronautical engineer).
In the midst of this discord,
Our best bet is to not pull a cord
And let the show go on.
There will be a moment for you and one for me.
You will shine and I will see.
I will shine and you will see.
It does not matter if you play the tuba,
Once you perform, people will ask, “How did you do that?”
That moment when you are the star is yours, the same goes for me.
No, it is not the time to find the cosine.
Do not resign because this is your time.
Like Paul Zindel said,
Baboons, Baboons.
They build their own cages.


Name: Emanuel Vargas
Current School Attending: Mira Monte High School
Anticipated College Major: Aerospace Engineering/Engineering Undecided
Hometown: Bakersfield
State: California
About Emmanuel: I have become a Questbridge College Prep Scholar and a CollegeBoard AP Scholar. I am a single child yet have an extensive family at school. Not only do I step to the beat of a metronome, but I also sprint after running 4 miles.  I am the reprobate child that went from being in community school to being in the top 1 percent of his class. I am Emanuel Vargas.

1 Senior Year Craze

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