The Never Ending Application Process

Hey there! Happy new year (or is it a bit late to say that?)~

Anyways, it’s been all busy busy busy these past months. I finished the last bit of my college applications this month (officially finished at about 3am January 20, 2012!). However, I had to do a bit more than other people, for I had to also complete art supplements for several schools. Fun stuffs those essays are…. Personally, I found some topics extremely interesting to write about. While most schools have the typical “Why do you want to go here?” essays, there were some other intriguing short answer prompts like “Discuss the most underrated and overrated trends of today.”

And on top of all those applications, school has restarted and the workload is more than ever. Finals are last week, so I have to deal with all those borderline grades I’ve got. The past two weekends have all been dedicated to group projects and such. I rarely have any free time!

Sorry for the awfully short post. Next month, I’ll have much more time to talk about stuff..

Stay awesome!


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