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So you think you have the best major?  Do you want to scream it from the mountain tops or for most people today…scream it from the mountain tops with an @ and hashtag.

I mean one of the biggest pickup lines is still:
“Hey…so…what’s your major?”.  If you haven’t heard someone say that or you haven’t ever said this, then I would guess you are lying to yourself!

So why not beat them to the punch!  Tweet to your friends and followers.  Use this button, or tweet out #whatsyourmajor and your recommendations.  It would be bonus if you gave us a shout out as well.  Try it out now:

My tweet:
“Accounting, MIS, Healthcare, Finance, Entrepreneurship…my top Majors @mymajors #whatsyourmajor”

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The MyMajors Team

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