Madison Grizzard – 2015 Cover Contest Winner

Madison Grizzard

Madison Grizzard, a senior at Campbell University in Buies Creek, North Carolina is this year’s MyMajors Creative Outlook Magazine cover contest winner. The five jurors from around the nation voted her work, Al. Einstein, as the top piece.

Grizzard didn’t always want to be an artist. She always loved the arts. But she didn’t take an art class until she was in college. Grizzard says, “I planned on attending Campbell University for Music Education so I prepared myself for voice lessons and other music classes. I changed my major from music education to graphic design and then to studio art. I decided to change majors because I figured out that the education field was not something I would enjoy doing every day. I wanted to find something that I would feel happy doing daily. I was unsure of what that was until I found art.”

She has taken art classes for three years now at Campbell University including drawing and, painting classes. She credits her teachers and mentors Daniel Rodgers, Larkin Tyson, and Breck Smith with encouragement and inspiration. Grizzard says, “My mentors are my inspiration and supporters of my works. My family and friends are great supporters as well. They have helped me through all of my years at Campbell University. Ever since I started as an art major, my professors were more than welcoming.”

 “I wanted to find something that I would feel happy doing daily. I was unsure of what that was until I found art.”
–Madison Grizzard

Grizzard created her winning piece, Al. Einstein, in her painting class. “In painting class, we had the option of choosing to paint a famous figure for one of our assignments. I decided to choose Albert Einstein because he is such an iconic figure. I chose the color palette because I wanted to express the time frame with almost a sepia tone.”

Life after college is certainly something on Grizzard’s mind. Grizzard will graduate in May 2016. She plans on starting her own company from the ground up or she thought it might be interesting to go to graduate school for art therapy. Grizzard says, “I would like to start my own graphic design company and photography studio. My ideal would be to work from home.”

Either way she knows painting will always be part of her life.


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