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The one simple act of assuring that a student is aligned with the right major can improve college retention rates and help them stay on track to graduate.

  • Carlie found a best-fit major as a high school senior with her major recommendations, selected the right college and graduated in four years.

  • Frank changed his major three times, but with the help of his Advisor and Advisement Report he had a back-up plan to stay on track.

  • Jen always wanted to be a Pediatrician, she loved kids but hated chemistry. After the assessment, she found a better-fit helping kids in education.

  • As a first-generation student, Karina found a passion in Management after completing the MyMajors assessment.

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Helping Students Find an Academic Home is Critical for Retention and Graduation Rates.

Students matched with their best-fit major and degree plan on your campus
are more likely to succeed, return sophomore year and graduate in four years.

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Why Proactive Recruitment and Retention?

Percent of students change their Major at least once. Students are not seeking help.

Billion dollars is lost each year from 30% of students not returning freshmen year.

Percent of starting freshmen are graduating in four years. Many are left without a degree.

Higher Education Services

A program that can be utilized across multiple departments as
students advance at your institution.

Enrollment Management

Recruiting students more likely to enroll, retain and graduate from your institution. Improve conversion rates with engaged students.


Providing unique, simple and easy to implement program to impact retention rates on campus and student success.


Preparing your students with a clear direction towards degree requirements for graduation. Selecting the right courses and consistent tracking.


Provides a proactive advising tool that empowers students with a clear direction before meeting with Advising. Through self-assessment, students are prepared to discuss plans with your team.

Career Services

From declaring their degree to career placement. Helping students realize their potential based on their academic achievements, interests and personality.

First-Year Experience

Engaging students on campus in their best-fit major to improve student success. Leverage freshmen orientation and intro to college courses with activities for students.

National Science Foundation

awarded MyMajors two SBIR grants to improve college completion and student advising.

"It actually costs a university more-in lost tuition-to allow a student to drop out than it does to pay for the support needed to help retain that student."

Bill Gates

Private Label

Customized Program for Colleges and Universities

This flexible, unique and adaptive program leverages a knowledge-based algorithm to match students to their best-fit major and degree program on your campus. Only specific programs you offer, resources on campus, career information, all customized for your institution.

Help your students find their academic home today.

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Powerful and Effective
Tool for Students

Why are colleges leveraging our program for their student success strategies:

  • 15 Minutes

    Students today are extremely busy. They do not have time for a 30 minute to an hour assessment. Our program can be completed in 15 minutes.

  • Academic Achievement & Interest

    Algorithm measures academic achievement (courses, grades, GPA, interest in specific courses), interest and personality. Other tests that only measure personality or inventory questions fail to calculate a student's ability to succeed.

  • User Friendly

    Assessments are important for students to understand their strengths and weaknesses. Our mission is to make it as fun, clean, easy and simple for students to self-discover their best-fit program on your campus.

  • Mobile Responsive

    Providing access to students if they are on their laptop, mobile device or tablet on the go or in a classroom exercise.

  • Your Custom Majors and Programs

    We recommend only your programs and the exact naming convention at your institution. Not Department of Education general program names. Career data is customized based on recent student graduates for local results.

  • Ease of Access

    We create a custom web address for students to access the program. No access codes, no required institution passwords required. Providing students the resouces they need when they need them.

Sample Advisement Report

Proven Results of Student Success

MyMajors students had a 13.8% higher retention rate than the national average. Students completed their degree in four years at an 11.3% higher rate.

Hispanic (11.6% higher) and African American (20.9% higher) both had higher four year graduation rates than the national average.

Executive Summary

Dashboard for Data

Providing a responsive dashboard for your staff to find key information and data for actionable intelligence to improve your student's success on campus.

Our data can be utilized and imported into your CRM or student management service. We pride ourselves on our flexible system based on your needs. We have the ability to setup from auto-import, custom field setup for CSV access, API integration, SSO, custom email delivery of student results based on your departments.

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Impact at
Colleges and Universities

We focus our efforts on reaching your recruitment, retention, advising and graduation goals.
"Students find MyMajors easy to use and highly accurate and their academic advisors rely on the results to guide their students through the most important decision they will make in college."

Dr. Kathleen Shea Smith University of Oklahoma

"The addition of the career assessment tool MyMajors provided a form of exploration to 1,147 students. 47% of the students reached were virtual students that previously had NO access to career resources."

FHSU Division of Student Affairs Fort Hays State University

"Admissions will probably see the biggest difference, since students are making decisions about where to attend college and your site now directs them back to FSU Majors."

Linda Burns Florida State University

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