The Major Difference

  • 15 Minutes

    Students today are extremely busy. A 30 to 60 minute assessment can be overwhelming. Our full program can be completed in 15 minutes in any classroom or event and completion rates average at 80%. Other programs have eliminated modules in their assessments to shorten the length of time, but that also jeopardizes the accuracy of those results.

  • Academic Achievement & Interest

    You have course and GPA requirements to enter your institution and for students to complete their degree. MyMajors evaluates these components to find programs that students can complete. The algorithm measures academic achievement (courses, grades, GPA, interest in specific courses), interest and work preferences. Other tests that only measure personality or interests only tell one side of the story.

  • Direction Not Reflection

    Understand students strengths and weaknesses are vital to their success on campus. The results given to students are simple and they have a clear direction of next steps. Students do not need additional appointments or assistance to interpret their results and advisors do not need special training, making the process efficient and easy for everyone.

  • Customized to Your Institution

    This is not a cookie cutter program. Each program is uniquely customized and developed around your programs, philosophy, and processes. Only your majors and pathways will appear to students. Custom registration page, algorithm weights, major data, career information, branding, reporting, and access is provided.

  • Not a Buzzfeed or Picture Quiz

    "Do you like to build shelves" should not be the way you decide your major. The National Science Foundation invested two grants to MyMajors to build around the expert system that utilizes knowledge-based research from academic advisors, career counselors, and student feedback. The most important questions are asked, the program is interactive with students, and the results are accurate.

  • Ease of Access

    We create a custom web address for students to access the program. No access codes, no required institution passwords required. Providing students the resources they need when they need them. Easily link the program to your website, social media, direct mail, and email campaigns. Identify stealth visitors to your website, and help the students who do not reach out for assistance on a request info form.

Sample Advisement Report

"MyMajors considers elements of skills, abilities, and proven past performance (grades/test scores) that the interests and personality assessments do not provide."

Colorado State UniversityCareer Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Student Experience

15 minutes. Our clients see completion rates from 75% to 98% (depending on usage) that complete the full assessment in one sitting.

Dr. Fritz Grupe heard feedback from advisors and career counselors that most assessments were too long (more than 45 minutes), cumbersome, and not specific to majors. Through his team's research and testing, he worked on focusing on the right questions that were important for advising and keeping it as simple as possible yet very accurate. You can try it out for yourself here: Sample Assessment.

MyMajors crosswalks your unique programs to our algorithm and only shows students your majors and career outcomes. We work through your catalog, website, and program documents from the registrar office to pull in your programs to the algorithm. Students see programs that they can explore with admissions and advisors so they can find their academic home on your campus. For many other assessments, it's on your team to do everything or it's straight out the box and no customizations. Some stick with recommending Holland Codes, Career Categories, or even majors/careers pathways you don't offer on campus. Our goal is to make each program unique to our clients and recommend their programs of study.

No. We believe in making it as easy as possbile for students to find their major and degree plan on your campus. The unique algorithm allows you to provide access to any and all students. Even those students over Thanksgiving break that get bombarded with questions of "So...what's your major?", they can complete the program from your website and tell their Aunt and Uncle that they have a plan!

We recommend only your programs in ranked order, not alphabetical, not broad categories, only your specific degrees. We focus on majors and connect your majors to careers. Our focus is helping students find a major they will complete on campus and connecting those experiences to the wide range of career opportunities open to them when they complete their degree.

If you offer an Underwater Basket Weaving program, we can recommend that! We are kidding, but you never know, a student might be interested in Fashion Design and Oceanography, there's a major for that!

For institutions that would like to recommend a wider range of programs that are offered elsewhere other than their campus, we can do that as well. For example, a Community College that wants to showcase programs that are offerred at transfer institutions, we can integrate those in the algorithm as well. Do you have multiple campus locations? We can recommend unique programs at each location if that is the way you'd like to set it up.

Our research and data shows us that more than half of students on our partner campuses are not fully confident in their major choice. This is why we recommend it for all incoming students to explore, be reassured of the program they already selected, or help those that are completely lost.

When we tell people about what we do, their first response is "I wish I had that when I was in high school." When you look at the different types of institutions we work with: 4-year large public research institutions to small private colleges, HBCU, HACU, technical colleges, community colleges, and associations, you see one common thread. Students are unsure what they want to do and study in college. Whether it's high school sophomores and prospective students, to your application pool, summer orientation, FYE and seminar, proactive academic advising, students changing majors, academic probation students, students at-risk of dropping out, or general check-ins with students, MyMajors can help in many different ways. As we say, 15 minutes can help you save more than $15,000 because you'll be making better choices and staying on track to graduate on time.

Support and Dashboard

We have a web-based dashboard that you can access the results online. Data is completely accessible through .CSV (excel file) as well. Students reports are generated via a web url to easily save or embed in student information systems. We work with your team for unique set up and notifications based on student type or responses. Need to have all students who are "not confident" in their major choice sent to an advisor, first-generation students need to go to a student support specialist? We can filter those students to a specific individual on campus or department group for proactive follow-up.

We also can set up integration to create an API or auto-import to your CRM systems.

Yes, our support team conducts quarterly calls with your team and provides usage reports. What percentage of students indicated they had concerns about completing their degree? How many students visited the program from your admissions website? How many students were recommended Biomedical Engineering? Any custom questions will be included and summarized in your reports.

Yes, our integrations team can work with your team on authenticating students through your LMS, or through a Current Student selection on your registration page. We support Shibboleth, ADFC, LDAP, and many more. After students are authenticated through single sign on, you can pull the data from our API to import back in to your systems. We set up the flow of data based on your requested process.

We do not charge additional fees for changes to your list of programs, we will always provide ongoing support. If you drop a major we will remove if from the algorithm, no additional fees. Our goal is to have the most accurate program for your students. If you plan to add a major next semester, we can start recommending it now so students can start to explore the new program you are offering.

If your marketing communications team changes your website out, we can pull new links and descriptions from the new pages. We would just need to know when the new website is live to gather the new data.

Our pricing structure is based on your intended usage on campus and bracketed by first-time freshmen enrollment. We can work with your business office for split billing with multiple departments, state or federal grants, and multi-year agreements. We are a sole source provider and can provide justification forms for billing. Contact us to get custom pricing for your institution.

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Client Feedback

Meet our happy clients and find why our Agency is the preferred choice.

"Baker College was searching for a solution to assist our prospective and current students in an analysis that provided both an interest and aptitude survey to aid students in a program selection."

Dr. Denise Bannan Baker College

"Major indecision is a significant cause for early departure and this tool can prevent this from happening."

Dr. Kathleen Shea SmithThe University of Oklahoma

Having dealt with many other companies that sell products to the higher ed industry, this company stands out as an exemplary company that delivers.

Dr. Patricia Sobecky The University of Alabama