MyMajors Launch!

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It’s here…Finally! After a lot of hard work by the MyMajors team we have an entire new look and feel to the website; including the parent, student, and counselor blog section! I’m hoping this portion of the site will bring much conversation and interaction between our featured bloggers and MyMajors visitors.

Our featured student bloggers are some of the most creative high school and college kids yet and come from all over the world! They make their own videos, post photos, and share some really funny stories that will keep you entertained for hours. I know you will have a blast reading their blog entries about visiting Paris, being the school mascot, riding bikes in Canada, as well as applying to International Universities, and the importance of going on campus visits. I’ve had such a great time working with each one and getting to know their personalities!

Our counselor bloggers have given us very helpful and reliable information for fellow counselors, parents, as well as students. Be sure to read their blogs about jump starting your school year!

Please  check back for new entries, make comments, ask questions, and share with your friends.  And don’t forget to take the quiz, find a college major, do some research, and hang out on our site. Whatever you need, we got it!


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