Making decisions can be very challenging

Especially if you have been used to someone making them for you most of your life.  To encourage my students in their decision making ability I remind them that they make decisions all day long.  You decide to get out of bed or not to get out of bed, what color underwear am I going to wear, will I get a double decaf soy mocha latte no whip or whip??  Some of these decisions are good and some are not so good.  Maybe I shouldn’t have worn the red panties with the white shorts.  But even when we make decisions that produce a less than desirable result, we have exercised that decision making muscle and we have learned something that will help us with future decisions (especially in wardrobe situations).  The best way to learn to make good decisions is pretty much like everything else in life, try and try and try some more.  Practice what you want to get better at- if you were going to run a marathon you wouldn’t just go out and do 26.2- unless you are some freakishly athletic person.  You would start running small distance and build up.  Same thing with making decisions.

If you are trying to choose a major, start with picking an interesting class first.  Ask someone you trust and admire for their input and guidance or as I call it the WW_D method of decision making.  Visualize how you would like the decision to turn out and actually make a visual representation of it with a dream board.  Always turn to a professional career counselor or academic adviser for guidance, but ultimately the decision is yours to make.  And I know you can do it- make mine a sugar free vinte mocha no whip.

Kellie Woodle

My dream job is a professional eater/sleeper, hard to find, so academic advising seemed to be the next closest profession. I work at the beautiful University of North Florida supporting freshman and sophomores in achieving their academic dreams. I also enjoy running and the Dave Matthews Band. DMB forever.

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