East Coast College Touring Day 4, 8/14/2011

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

Today we took a one hour drive from Syracuse to Hamilton, New York to visit Colgate University. And I have to admit, I found myself liking the school a lot more than I thought I would.

First impression of Hamilton was beautiful. It definitely had a small town feel to it. In fact, we got to Colgate early, so we stopped by the farmer’s market and walked around. The townspeople were really friendly. It was a wonderful way to spend the morning… around homemade doughnuts and handmade jewelry and fresh groceries.

Anyways, here are the interesting things I learned about Colgate University:

  • No classes taught by TAs
  • Research is really emphasized, and offered in all subjects of study [probably including Art]
  • Has core courses you need to take… so liberal arts take on a college.
  • Underground tunnels to get around if you don’t want to walk in the cold 😀
  • Art students study abroad in Venice!
  • Dance festival every year 🙂
  • You can get really close to professors. Which in turn makes good networking for future career hunting.
  • Career planning center helps you find the perfect grad program for you.
  • Buildings and facilities are VERY NICE. Like… they look BRAND NEW. It’s crazy clean… and so… pretty.
  • Such a scenic place! The entrance road lined by two rows of trees :O
  • Chipwiches are ice cream sandwiches. A specialty dessert at Colgate.

After the lovely tour, we headed to TORONTO, CANADA to visit my mom’s high school friend whom she hasn’t seen since before I was born :O We got there in time to eat dinner with the friend’s family and went back to their house where Sam, Jason [their son], and I played some Wii 🙂

Good day… good day. Tomorrow, dim sum with that family. Sightseeing in Toronto. Then… driving to visit Niagara Falls the next day!



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