MyMajors Brochure for Counselors, Principals and School Districts

MyMajors is a knowledge based assessment software that measures student’s academic aptitude, achievements, interests and personality and recommends a best fit major, college and career for a student.  Advisors and administrators can use MyMajors in their College and Career Readiness program for free through a School Account.  Account administrators can have access to students results to have better one-on-one advising time and help students create a clear plan to academic success and graduation.

Learn more about our program, download the MyMajors brochure overview PDF below.

Counselor Brochure 1


My Majors

Have you have been asking yourself, "What should I major in?" Try our College Major Quiz, browse the largest list of college majors, or check out this great advice from industry professionals! Get Matched with the BEST School for YOU with MyMajors!

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