Which College Majors Study the Most?

So you are sitting in the library by your self, wondering why isn’t anyone else here?  Well according to a study by National Survey of Student Engagement, you most likely are a STEM major.  The average student spends 17 hours preparing and studying for their classes.  It does matter your study hours based on your intended college major however.

Classes and Careers made a infographic to show the differences in Majors and how much time each student studies in each degree program.  Where do you fit, is this realistic to your study habits?  If you are an Engineering Major, most likely you have a favorite seat in the library since you spend so much time there!

The average college student spends almost 17 hours per week preparing for class.

[blockquote]Engineering majors study the most with 19.03 hours per week.
Biology, Agriculture, Natural Resources majors study an average of 18.41 hours.
Physical Science, Math, and Computer Science majors 18.23 hours.
Arts & Humanities majors spend 17.56 hours.
Health Professions majors spend 16.99 hours.
Social Sciences majors spend 16.27 hours.
Education majors spend 15.79 hours.
Business majors spend 15.67 hours.
Communications, Media & PR majors spend 15.09 hours.
Social Services majors spend an average of 14.42 hours.[/blockquote]





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