Can’t I Choose a Major Later?

Do not rush your decision. You can choose a major or change a major at any time. However, the later you make a final decision, the more likely it is that not all of the courses you have taken will count as fulfilling the requirements of the major. While you are undecided, do not just drift. Continue your search by continuing to talk to other students, by determining what it is you want out of life, by determining what you like and dislike about courses you are taking and by using this information to narrow down the list of majors until you can decide. Try to sample some interesting courses in fields that you have never been exposed to. Many majors, majors like anthropology, geography and human development, are populated by students who didn’t know that these majors existed until their sophomore or junior year. They took a course in these fields and were motivated by the faculty or the course content to continue.


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