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Our mission is to assist students in identifying majors that fit them best. We provide student-friendly assessment technology and access to information about a variety of majors at a broad range of institutions.

Users can research more than 1,600 college majors and 40,000 pages of detailed career information. Students can find colleges and universities by the majors offered as well as location, school size and other criteria they find important in making a college choice.

The MyMajors blog gives a voice to students, counselors and parents as they relate experiences and issues regarding college admissions.

MyMajors.com has helped 568,286 students from all over the United States and several more countries from across the globe to determine what sort of majors are best fits for their college career

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Have you have been asking yourself, "What should I major in?" Try our College Major Quiz, browse the largest list of college majors, or check out this great advice from industry professionals! Get Matched with the BEST School for YOU with MyMajors!

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